Friday, October 24, 2008

FREE - leftovers and planning for the weekend, and dessert disaster take two

We have a LOT of leftovers today... in fact, I'm eating almost nothing but leftovers today!

Breakfast ~ $0.45
Leftover pancakes from Monday... you can freeze pancakes!
1 Yoplait yogurt

Leftover minestrone soup and garlic bread

Dinner ~ $0.10
Leftover turkey disaster pie and fresh bread from my breadmaker. I caught the mixes on clearance at 10 for a $1 back at the beginning of the summer at the dollar store!

In hopes that I can get things done before going back to work, I started my Christmas cookie baking yesterday! Josh helped me and our ginger snaps and snickerdoodles came out great. But somehow, even following Mom's 30-plus year old recipe to the letter, the chocolate chip cookies came out all deflated and mushy. Josh looked at them and said "We can put ice cream on them, Mommy!" He's so my kid. Of course, my buddy Amy came over with a tub of homemade marshmallow frosting for us to enjoy... so instead of ice cream, we had marshmallow sandwiches. Yum!

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