Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bad Puttanesca!

Bad planning on my part. BAD!
The crockpot meal I planned for this week only cooks 4 hours on low, so that gets moved to the weekend. I forgot that Jim & I have a gig Wednesday- Saturday nights, so everything I wanted to make has to be shifted around so that I do the fastest and easiest the next 3 days. ARGH! I hate when I screw up!

Last night - healthy carbonara (which I didn't make a few days prior.)
Tonight - spaghetti with sauce pre-made and frozen
Tomorrow - hot dogs/burgers with beans and frozen veggies
Saturday - apricot chicken in the crock pot
Sunday - back on schedule, whew!


Katie said...

Don't you just hate when things get out of order. I'm glad you're back on track!

Tami said...

Yeesh, woman, don't beat yourself up. At least you cook, have a plan, etc. I just stare at the fridge and will a meal to materialize out of thin air. It doesn't work, though. :(