Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meal planning night!

Tonight I will sit down and plan out a month's worth of dinners. How do I do it? Well, picture me on the floor in my living room... a pile of cookbooks to one side, the Acme, Shopright, Target and Wal-Mart flyers to my other side, and a list of what's in my current grocery stockpile in front of me. Then I'll look at what's on sale and plan around what ingredients I already have or can get on the cheap. I keep a few things in mind as well. Tuesdays are usually CrockPot days because Josh has his gymnastics lesson at 5 and is hungry as soon as he gets home. Mondays are "quick fixes" because Jim either has martial arts or meetings at church. Thursdays I usually cook vegetarian because I have dance and don't want a belly full of meat!

Actually, cooking vegetarian meals at least twice a week has had a few very good effects... one, a cut in our food bill, as meats are usually the most expensive of ingredients, and two, a broadening of our palates! Josh will eat almost anything, and I think that's because I've given him variety from day one.

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